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High grade Siberian Larch

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At Spahaus we offer both the higher Unsorted grade and the more knotty Saw Falling Siberian Larch cladding and decking, both timbers have a closer grain and are more durable than the UK grown wood.

The timber comes direct to you from the shipper which saves carbon from unnecessary transport and also allows us to sell at trade price.

As a species, Larch is tough, durable and beautiful, adding value to any project.

In areas where durability is essential Larch cladding/decking is an economical alternative to cedar, providing a long expected lifespan at about two thirds of the cost..

There are 3 varieties in the genus, European, Japanese and Siberian with the Slow growing Siberian being the most durable.

European is classified as slightly durable and Siberian is classified as moderately durable which makes it approximately twice as long lasting when used outdoors as typical softwood.

Many architects are specifying this timber because of its silver grey colour when left to age naturally.

Both European and Siberian Larch come from sustainable well managed forests and it is a good alternative for those wishing to achieve a natural look with minimum up-keep.

Technical Info

Larix sibirica

Russia - Siberia

Consistent colour; creamy yellow brown. Slowly grown with tight straight grain. Distinct grain pattern. Fine texture. Live inter-grown knots similar to those in pine.

Durable In Use Class 3 (Cladding) service life 50-100 years. The timber contains natural fungicide arabinoglactan.

High. 660 750 kg/m3 At 18% moisture content.


FSC Certified

High. 1,100 lb/in2 on Janka Scale (Redwood is 480 lb/in2)

Accepts application of stains and paints.

Can be sawn and planed with standard woodworking equipment. Pre-drilling recommended.

Austenitic stainless steel fixings are recommended.

A strong, durable, hard wearing timber used mainly for cladding, rain screens, flooring and decking.